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Tramaine Rice has 10+ years of expertise in tax, financial analysis, and accounting information systems.

Tramaine Rice


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Accounting services

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Let our dedicated staff take care of all your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs, so you can focus on the important things in your business and personal life.

Tax Services

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We know tax season can be extremely scary, let us bring you back the joy to your work. We handle everything for tax; including taking all the risk.


In 2017, CEO and Founder Tremaine Rice, after over 10 years in the business and accounting world, discovered a void, where both small business owners and everyday people were in need but unable to afford caring and experienced bookkeeping, accounting, tax and financial consulting services. With this
discovery, developed a vision; with that vision developed a drive and passion to help those that could not help themselves; and with that drive, passion and vision, Ubiquitous Accounting services was born!

After growing up raised in the tax and accounting world by his mother, a true tax and financial consulting guru as told by her customers, Tremaine would develop this wide ranging knowledge and passion for helping businesses grow and succeed, as well as helping the everyday client navigate the world of finance and taxes we all dread! All of that experience led him to obtain his Master’s in Accounting from DeVry University, where he would continue to work with various types of businesses and clientele in-order to grow skills and abilities to analyze, assess, and help clients of all walks of life, and eventually to the creation of Ubiquitous Accounting Services.

In Today’s fast paced and competitive business world, business owners and most average people need to spend the time on the skills that make them great and make them money! Most do not have the experience, time, or desire to spend the time and energy that it requires to ensure their bookkeeping and financials are in order, and are kept to accurately helping ensure that the most important asset, their MONEY, is tracked accurately. However, at the same time, finding a firm that is honest, experienced, adaptable, and affordable can be a challenge that most simply do not have the time or resources to find. The good news is, Ubiquitous Accounting Services is here! We are here to help with those tasks like bookkeeping clean-up and maintenance, accounting and taxes, financial analyzation, growth planning and more that most business owners wish someone would take off their plate. We are not a here today gone tomorrow, see you next tax season type of firm. We are here to help you with your short-term clean-up and goals, along with helping you plan and grow to reach your long-term dreams!

Core Values:

At Ubiquitous Accounting Services, LLC, we are committed to our core values of integrity, efficiency, honesty, and professionalism in order to deliver the highest quality of experience for every client we have the opportunity to work with!

When founding Ubiquitous Accounting Services, CEO Tremaine Rice, ensured that every client was treated with the utmost professionalism and dedication to their job, while always ensuring that his personal and professional integrity remained intact. Our goal at Ubiquitous Accounting Services is to build a reputation for both ourselves and our clients of honesty, dedication,  professional, and having the highest level of integrity in the industry. We truly believe that with ensuring these core values we can build a relationship of trust with our clients that will be long lasting and advantageous for both businesses!


Our mission is to provide efficient, honest, and professional accounting, bookkeeping, and tax and financial services for both business and personal clients, while developing a reputation of the highest level of integrity and customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to provide services to clients all over the country that would typically be unattainable to the average person or business owner; providing the tools and resources to improve and grow their financial states and businesses to new heights that would not be possible otherwise!